Cancan Show

Northern entertainment at its best!

Offering three different shows a night, you are sure to find yourself singing and dancing along with the Gertie and her Goldrush Girls all night long!

Diamond Tooth Gertie will dazzle you with her wit, charm and powerhouse vocals.  Wowing with you highkicks and splits, the Goldrush Girls will certainly keep you captivated with their colourful skirts and hootin’ & hollerin’.

With a cast of professional singers and dancers accompanied by live musicians; these top-notch Klondike themed song and dance shows will have you tapping your foot in no time!

We suggest making a night of it and catching all 3- with table service, games of chance, and shows like this, we’ll have you singing Gerties’ praises all the way home!


Step back in time and join us for a traditional Cancan show, inspired by the dance halls and saloons of 1898.


Vaudeville inspired; this show combines singing, dancing and a new character to the scene.  Ragtime meets cabaret in a show with recognizable tunes that will have you clapping along!


A pop/rock concert with music from your favourite contemporary artists.  Known as the most risqué show of the night, this is where the girls let down their hair as Gertie belts out some of the biggest chart topping hits!

2020 Cast and Musicians

Stay tuned for this year’s cast announcement!