Community Relations


Diamond Tooth Gerties is a non-profit organization operated by the Klondike Visitors Association. Profits from operating Diamond Tooth Gerties are reinvested in our community through grant programs, fundraising opportunities, sponsorship, contracts, wages, and more!

The Klondike Visitors Association operates as the destination marketing organization for the Klondike region. Money made from Diamond Tooth Gerties is also used to market Dawson City as a destination for tourists to visit!


Below are a number of ways that Diamond Tooth Gerties and the Klondike Visitors Association give back to Dawson City and other communities throughout the Yukon. These numbers are just a glimpse into what we give, and do not include the number of events we sponsor, the events we put on for the community and visitors alike, the marketing initiatives undertaken to encourage tourism to the region, housing projects, additional properties (such as Jack London Museum, Free Claim #6, Straight’s Auction House) or other projects our organization takes on.

Wages and Contracts

One of the largest ways that Diamond Tooth Gerties and the Klondike Visitors Association financially supports the community is through paying wages and hiring contractors. This is money that stays in our community and boosts the Dawson City and Yukon economy. 

Since 2011 $16,270,029 has been paid for Wages and Contracts through the Klondike Visitors Association and Diamond Tooth Gerties.

Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund

Each year the Klondike Visitors Association contributes money to the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund through an agreement made with the Yukon Government when Gerties was given permission to install slot machines. The money contributed by Diamond Tooth Gerties makes up roughly 50% of the total fund, which is used to distribute grants for qualifying projects.

The following groups were approved by the Board of Trustees in 2019:

-Boys and Girls Club of Yukon
-Inclusion Yukon
-Queer Yukon Society
-Lorne Mountain Community Association
-Village of Carmacks
-Village of Teslin
-Yukon Tourism Education Council
-Youth of Today Society
-Champagne and Aishihik First Nations

-Yukon Community Crime Stoppers Association
-The Dawson City Arts Society
-North Klondyke Highway Music Society
-The Heart of Riverdale Community Centre Society
-Second Opinion Society
-Kluane First Nation
-Teslin Tlingit Council
-Learning Disabilities of Yukon (LDAY)
Yukon Women’s Transition Home Society

For full details on the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund go to
Deadlines to apply are February 15 and August 15 each year.

Since 2011 KVA has given $2,812,161 to the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund.

Community Event Casinos

Community Event Casinos are fundraising partnerships between the Klondike Visitors Association and other non-profit groups. During the winter, spring, and fall months, selected organizations are able to use Diamond Tooth Gerties for fundraising events, where in addition to free use of the facility they also benefit from the bar profits.

Since 2011 $190,030 has been given to support non-profit groups in the Klondike through the Community Event Casino program.

Klondike Visitors Association Grants Fund

Each year the Klondike Visitors Association offers the KVA Grants Fund. This is available to all registered not-for-profit community groups to support eligible activities and projects that will benefit the Klondike region.

Recipients of KVA Grants for 2019-20 include:

-Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program – Dawson City
-Conservation Klondike Society
-Dawson City Minor Hockey Association
-Humane Society Dawson
-Klondike Active Transport and Trails Society

-Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture
-Moosehide Gathering
-(S)hiver Winter Arts Society
-Yukon Order of Pioneers & Horticultural Board

Contact us for more information on KVA Grants or click here for the application form.

Since 2017 $57,489 has been given to support groups in the Klondike.