Player Health

What is Player Health?

Player Health is a focus on the well-being of our visitors. It is a shared responsibility between operators, players, as well as friends and family ensuring that we are making safe and healthy decisions around drinking and gambling.


How can we help?

Know the games


Try a Player Assessment Quiz to see what kind of player you are.

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Avoid risky play behaviours

Try to avoid doing things such as:

  • Gambling when you’re upset or stressed
  • Gambling while intoxicated
  • Trying to win back what you’ve lost (known as chasing)
  • Thinking that gambling is a way to make money for rent or bills
  • Lying about how much or how often you gamble

Instead, try to:

  • Make gambling a fun activity that you share with friends and family
  • Understand how to play the games
  • Set a budget and time limit
  • Only gamble what you can afford to lose
  • Allow yourself to take a break, enjoy the show and get some fresh air or a slice of pizza


We need to SUPPORT each other

If you feel like you’ve started losing control of your drinking or gambling, please see resources below to get information on how to change those habits or routines. Ask us about our Voluntary Self Exclusion program.