Games of Chance

Test yourself against our friendly dealers and see who can get closest to 21 without “busting.” A variety of tables are available for your enjoyment.

Traditional or Charity Casino Rules – Gerties showcases $3, $5, and $15 minimum wagers.

Liberal Rules – Same rules apply as traditional black jack but players may double down on any two cards, split multiple times and double down on split cards. Liberal Rules table limits are $10-$100.

North American Roulette: Watch the wheel spin and bet on a single number or even a range of numbers. Inside bets offer a wide range of betting strategies and can result in some pretty substantial payouts. See if you can calculate your win faster than the dealer!

Try your luck on the outside bets: Black or red? Odd or even? Wait and see where the ball will drop!

Roulette is a simple yet fascinating game of chance that is extremely popular around the world, come give it a try at the friendliest casino in the country!

Roulette betting limits: $2-$5 inside. $2-$50 outside.

Red Dog is a simple and fun-packed game!

After players place their bet, the dealer pulls out two cards from an 8-deck shoe. Players then get an option to raise before the dealer pulls out the third and final card. If the value of the third card is in between the value of the first two, players win! The smaller the spread, the bigger the payout! Watch the dealer pull out three of a kind for a Red Dog and claim 11 to 1 winnings on your bet!

The original slot machine!

A wheel featuring a variety of Canadian bills is spun. Players bet on where the wheel will stop. Each bill correlates to a different payoff. Watch the wheel go round and bet on your favourite Canadian bill!

Do you know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em? Well even if you don't you can come give our tables a try, and test your skill against our friendly northern players.

We host live games every night and tournaments on weekends and select dates. We run a revolving schedule of the following live games:
$1-$2 No Limit Texas Hold ‘em
$1-$2 No Limit Omaha Hi
$5-$10 Limit Dealer’s Choice

Poker Room Reservations:
Text (867) 992-0600 the same day you would like to reserve your seat, and leave your name to be added to the wait list.
*Requests will be taken no earlier than 1pm.  This is a text only service (no phone calls.)

Come test out our northern one arm bandits!

We feature 64 slot machines with varying themes and games, some as newly installed as Fall 2019. We offer anything from penny machines to dollar machines. Come try for a lucky spin!