MEDIA Requests

Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall welcomes all media persons who wish to capture the excitement and entertainment we offer.
Your work is essential in raising awareness and bringing in more visitors to Yukon’s premier attraction.

We ask all media to do their best to work with us to ensure that you get what you are looking for from our venue.

All media is required to fill out a media release form prior to visiting us.

We also request that you contact us as early as possible to discuss your visit:

Klondike Visitors Association
1-867-993-5575 ext 102 


MEDIA code of conduct

Our goal is to ensure media get the opportunity to capture our venue in the most positive light; however we also have to ensure that our players and staff members are not affected negatively during your visit. Below are ways you can help ensure a positive experience at our venue:

1. All media should contact us as soon as possible to discuss your plan in our venue

2. Upon arrival, present yourself at the front wicket and connect with a manager to go over your plans

3. Do not block the view of paying customers during the can can shows

4. Do not take explicit pictures of players at tables or slots, without their consent (ambiguous photos are acceptable)

5. Treat all players and staff with respect

6. Avoid use of flash photography

7. Share your work with us following completion